Maggs Anstee


Artist Statement

For the past two years I have been using images created by electron microscopy as a source of inspiration for my abstract pictures of accidental and random beauty and I am inviting others to share the excitement of looking deep inside our cells to find the beauty which is hidden there.


Building on previous work in the same area I have worked in mixed media, exploring composition and colour. Using washes, glazes and overlays I have concentrated on layering and developing exciting abstract pictures, that appeal to a wide audience. They are especially recognizable by people connected with science, and look good displayed on the walls of hospitals, schools and Universities. It is the symbolism, the otherness and the aesthetic qualities which interest me most. But having imposed these limitations on my work I now want to use it to help to demystify science.


Therefore I have designed an Artist’s Book, to act as a bridge between science and art. As a retired teacher I see my model of an electron microscope as an educational toy and I hope my audience will overcome their initial reticence and share in the child’s delight of discovery. Science is our future and must become more accessible.


I also love to paint landscape both here, and in Italy.


Commisions welcome.